Over a decade of superior quality and service!

Metal Plate Polishing, Inc. is the premier Duplex Nickel – Trivalent Chrome plating facility located in the Midwest. We specialize in Trivalent chrome as a safe and durable alternative to dangerous Hexavalent chrome. Our business serves a diverse collection of various industries due to our flexibility and dynamic processes that complement our outstanding quality.

Our plating process caters to steel and stainless steel. We offer a complete solution to our customers as an all-inclusive facility that handles everything from polishing to chrome plating and from warehousing to packaging. Not to mention our fast turn around times lead the industry. Since many of the industries are turning their business to greener and safer practices, trivalent chrome is in higher demand more now than ever. Hexavalent Chrome has been banned in most of Europe and will likely follow suit in the USA someday. Metal Plate Polishing understood the dangers and hazards of Hex chrome and dedicated its business to trivalent chrome plating.

Our business model prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. We look forward to serving your business and working with you on your projects.